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I’m Yoko. I like wearing statement earrings, the smell of incense at Japanese temples, and drinking hot water when it’s cold. My husband and I live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn aka THE best neighborhood of all time. We have a chaotic roommate named Soleil, and we are expecting a child!!! in January 2024 omg???

Work work talk talk

I’m a systems thinker—I enjoy understanding how things come together to create a bigger picture. It’s one of the reasons I like my job at Etsy, where I’m a staff product designer on the shipping and fulfillment team.

I also enjoy connecting with prospective designers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, but at the moment I’m taking a break to focus on parental leave. If you’re interested in talking shop, I suggest checking out Merit, a mentorship platform for people who work on software product teams :) You can also try to email me; just know that I might not respond right away!

This wobsite

It’s made with Jekyll, and it runs on Github Pages. I’ve been a web dev noob for 20+ years lol and now and then I’ll mess around with my site for fun. Here are some notable updates of late:

The sans-serif font is GT America, licensed from Grilli Type. The serif is TNR, a classique.