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yoko.cool / Let’s chat!

I’m available for 1:1 video calls through Merit! Merit is a free mentorship platform for people who work on product teams, focused on those who are under-networked.

What I hope to gain

Chatting about the work helps me deepen my understanding of UX design—as a discipline, an industry, and a community of pracitioners. Over the years doing these 1:1s, I’ve found that sharing and processing our experiences together is valuable for both parties involved. When I come away from a good chat, I often feel energized!

I’m especially interested in connecting with folks of under-represented or marginalized backgrounds, because the narrative of the design and technology field often excludes them/us. I hope to provide insight and support along the way, so that this industry can be more accessible 🧡

What we can talk about

  • Entering the field for the first time
  • Collaborating across disciplines
  • Navigating recruitment and promotion processes
  • Pairing on a problem to solve
  • Other things! You’ll get more out of our chat if you come prepared with a few questions on a topic that’s top of mind for you.

Some expectation-setting

  • I have a finite number of slots available each month on Merit. If I’m booked, you can email me and we can try to work something out. But I’m also a human with limitations! Plus there are a lot of other qualified folks on the platform who are eager to chat :)
  • I’m happy to share my experiences working at Etsy, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll get recruited, interviewed, or hired.
  • And of course, I can’t speak to work that is confidential or material and non-public.

Book a time with me!