Yoko sends a zine, Issue 2

Published Jun 13 2021

Second zine! I talk about:

Some notes about this issue:

  1. The earrings I drew in my self portrait are by Aye Hasegawa. You can check out her latest clay jewelry at her website Studio Aye.
  2. A long time ago I took a Myers-Briggs personality test that said that my personality type was ISFJ. I hold onto this characterization pretty loosely, though I have found a lot of self-acceptance in identifying as a feelsy introvert.
  3. You likely got this zine delivered in an envelope that looks like it’s made from old paper used for packaging — that’s because it is! I spent a couple afternoons making a bunch of envelopes and it was very fun. And the tape that I used to put the envelope together is by KyariKreations on Etsy :)