About Yoko

A black and white photo of me, sitting at an outside eating area, eating a thick rectangular slice of pizza off a paper plate. I’m wearing a vintage NY Liberty cap on top of my short hair
Eating pizza in Bensonhurst, 2018. Photo by Kevin.

My name is Yoko Sakao Ohama. I was born and raised in the Upper West Side of New York City to Japanese parents. My dad moved to the UWS in 1966 after becoming enamored with the New York depicted in West Side Story; my mom is a traveler at heart and came to the US through her corporate job at an airline company. I was named “Yoko” for a few reasons, but notably because my parents figured Yoko Ono was a famous enough person that it wouldn’t be challenging for other Americans to pronounce or remember my name.

I was online as soon as internet was available in my home, and communicating through IMs and forums quickly became second nature to me. Even now, with the exception of a few close friends and family, I feel most understood through the internet, where I’ve found it easy to be myself. I’ve gone through many incarnations of personal websites, and I’m always hoping the latest one is the one that “lasts.”

I live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with my life partner (and fiancé!) Kevin. One day, we might get a cat. It will most likely be orange :)

Thanks for visiting!
— Yoko