Randomly generated drawing of a panda

yoko.cool / Sabbatical highlights

It’s so late but it’s also not too late to post anything about anything. Anyway here are some pics from my sabbatical back in November/December: NYC Marathon, Hawaii, Nara, Naoshima, Tokyo.

Me and my mom standing with Kevin after his NYC marathon finish. He is wearing an all yellow fit, plus a blue finishers' poncho and medal. My mom and I are wearing custom-printed shirts that say, 'Go Kev Go!'

Me and Kevin standing sort of along a cliff in Hawaii.

Closeup of a very smol gecko on a lawn chair.

A super wide shot of the beach with a rainbow that spans about 2/3s of the width. The tiny speck in the middle is Kevin.

Kevin and I eating our last breakfast together at the hotel before I go to Japan and he goes to San Diego. We made breakfast out of the all of the remaining groceries we had bought.

Outside Kevin's departure gate at HNL.

My mom (standing) and a male deer (sitting) in front of some fall leaves in Nara Park.

The entrance to the Lee Ufan Museum in Naoshima

My maternal cousins and their families gather for my grandmother's 100th birthday

Moss on old gravestones at Kōyasan.

Night view from my hotel in Kōtō.

Entrance into an exhibit of floating prints at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum