Just so happened to be new year’s

Published Jan 01 2020

Happy new year from Japan! I already feel weird for posting this journal-like entry on a place that is technically public, so who knows how long I’ll keep this up.

I have some time to myself so I decided to write something down. I feel like I am forever on the hunt for the ultimate journaling medium, and I don’t seem to have found it yet. I had thought a Google doc might be a good idea, but after a few years I learned that opening and loading the doc would drain my phone battery, like a lot. Plus, I guess I don’t feel great about putting my feelings so readily into Google’s hands (admittedly I didn’t really think about that until some time later).

I keeping thinking that I may just go back to physical journaling. But I brought a notebook to Japan for that purpose and I still haven’t used it? It’s just not in my habits to think to open a notebook.

One thing I wish I could let go of is this expectation that I need something to show for my journaling. I want to think of journaling as something that accomplishes its goal as it is being written, rather than something that needs to be filled out and stored somewhere. I want the purpose to be fulfilled once the entry is written, not when the book has been filled. I got into a good habit of it with the Google doc.

I FaceTimed with my parents who are still in NYC for this new year, and my granmother happened to be home, and we had a nice chat :)