CM Summit Nametags

Published Oct 15 2014

Nic Annette Miller, New York

Not long after my departure from Tattly, I did a quick, fun lettering project for CreativeMornings! Their Summit, which gathered nearly 200 CM organizers from around the world under one roof, required nametags for each of the attendees, and I was more than happy to do a few of them.

Amanda Finuccio, Miami

Vasco Mourao, Barcelona

Basically, I left Tattly one day and walked back into the Studiomates the next day, is how it happened. Really though, I shouldn’t be surprised!

Justyna Kozioł, Kraków

Jon Setzen, Los Angeles

Mar Reyes, Mexico City

Super bonus: I got comfortable with drawing script uppercase J’s.

Photos by the amazing and lovely Bekka Palmer for CreativeMornings.
More photos from the Summit here!