Today is my last day at Tattly.

Published Sep 14 2014

Some doodles I drew during my first few days at Studiomates.

It’s crazy to reflect on how much has changed since I started at Studiomates as a design intern in May 2011. I was working on a hodgepodge of projects for Tina and Erica and Tattly was just an idea. In the three years and four months since, every aspect of Studiomates has grown to an exponential degree, and Tattly has become a bonafide business made possible by a team of a dozen hardworking, talented, amazing people.

Late this spring, I started feeling the need for a change. I didn’t think of it as closing a chapter and leaving it behind; rather, it was like setting up the launchpad that would push me forward. I gave Tina a 3-month leave notice (as is customary in Switzerland) and it’s been a blur since.

My experience at Tattly and Studiomates has afforded me so much. I’ve had the opportunity to lunch with creators, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers of the design and tech industry. I was able to help shape a company and its brand, all while honing my own technical knowledge. I now have a crapton of potential Facebook profile photos. Super bonus: I met a really cool person and now I am dating him.

I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling three years and am so excited for the future. Thank you to Tina, Team Tattly, the Swiss Army, and Studiomates for creating an environment that allowed me to grow and prepare for what’s to come. Cheers to change! Cheers to growth! Cheers to all!

Yeah buddy!