Thinking with Type, again

Published Apr 01 2014

A photo of Ellen Lupton’s book Thinking with Type peeking out from the bottom on a white table.

About eight years ago, I transferred to the Design|Media Arts program at UCLA, and one of the first classes I took was DESMA 25: Letterform and Typography. I was assigned Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type (then in its first edition) as reading, but early in the quarter, I lost it. Being a miserly college student for whom purchasing anything for school seemed ridiculous, I didn’t bother to buy it again, and I managed to get through the class.

At the time, I had no idea how foundational this book was in basic knowledge of letters, space, and how to use them. I’d like to think I’ve figured a lot of it out along the way, but last week I decided it was pertinent to get back to the basics, and bought the book. It’s a quick read, but it feels good to get a refresher on just some of the skills that make up my livelihood.

That’s it!