Oven-roasted tomato soup

Published Oct 15 2013

A photo of a white bowl of tomato soup with alphabet pasta. The letters ROFL are stuck on the inside of the bowl above the soup line.
Why yes, indeed I bought alphabet pasta!

I recently bought a stick blender to welcome soup season. I had bought this alphabet pasta from Whole Foods months ago, and I didn’t have any use for it … until today.

A sheetpan of halved tomatoes, roasted to perfection.
Mmmm, oven roasted goodness
A split photo. On the left is a Pyrex measuring cup with a translucent brown stock in it; on the right is an above-shot of a pot of tomato soup with a heavy sprinkling of black pepper and herbs.
Made my own vegetable stock, too!

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I was especially excited to make this soup, because I had been collecting vegetable scraps from previous cooking sessions and saving them in the freezer. About one month’s worth of diligent cooking and scrap-saving filled a gallon freezer bag, which in turn yielded maybe about two quarts of stock.

A grilled cheese sandwich on a plate. The sandwich is cut in half and the cheese is being “pulled.” The ROFL letters are now on the plate.

So super excited to make more soup! Yeeee.