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Published Feb 26 2013

The Pac-Man Dossier
Jamey Pittman
Comprehensive coverage of the history and mechanics of the arcade game Pac-Man. I don’t even play arcade games and I found this fascinating.

Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address
Transcript, The New York Times
Always good to keep up to date. I am a fan of the president so I might be biased, but even in transcript form, the address got me a bit misty-eyed toward the end. America!

Do We Really Want to Live without the Post Office?
Jesse Lichtenstein, Esquire

They say that you never really understand appreciate how things work until you try to change them. I think this is true. Change is not easy.

Quote by former Postmaster Patrick Donahoe, who was subsequently ousted from his seat through a unanimous vote of no confidence by the House of Delegates.

“Fuck you! This is a great institution and we can grow it!” That’s what you say to the Congress, “Fuck you! Let me win. I will win if you just get out of my goddamn way.”

Quote by current Postmaster Ron Bloom.

A sort of love letter / ballot of confidence in the US Postal Service. Having worked at a startup heavily reliant on the USPS, this was much food for thought.