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Published Jan 16 2013

A Ring of One’s Own
Ariel Levy, The New Yorker
Claressa Shields, American 16-year-old favorite for Women’s Boxing at London 2012 (at the time of writing; she eventually does win gold), takes on responsibilities as a young woman of color from an underserved upbringing in a sport that is male-dominated and fraught with power-struggle.

State of the Species
Charles C. Mann, Orion Magazine
What from the biological past and present can we learn about the future of humankind?

On False Dichotomies and Diversity.
Aral Balkan,
The design world is just one of the many fields where non-white, non-male people aren’t recognized. But it doesn’t mean that, by actively seeking these people out to be leaders and influencers, we are diluting the genius at the top.

Slightly related, I have created a Done Not Done account, for books. I’m still thinking hard about using it for movies but I just have way too many movies to list and I definitely suffer from Make a Bigass End-Unseeable List And Then Forget About It Syndrome, so I think I may keep it to books. For now. Find me at /psyoko!