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Published Jan 15 1986

H1 - Defaults to 2em but 1.5em in <article>: The Week in Good News

Sometimes it seems as if we’re living under a constant barrage of heavy news. But it isn’t all bad out there. This feature is meant to send you into the weekend with a smile, or at least a lighter heart.

H2 - 1.5em: A “forest masterpiece” in Yosemite National Park is back on display.

A collection of around 500 mature giant sequoias, some of the oldest living things in the world, is open to visitors again after the largest restoration project in Yosemite’s history.

H3 - 1.17em: New Zealand’s prime minister became the first world leader in almost three decades to give birth while in office.

“Welcome to our village wee one,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern posted on Instagram.

The last world leader to deliver a baby while in office was Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, who had her second child, a daughter, in 1990. That daughter, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, congratulated Ms. Ardern on Twitter on Thursday.

Small text: Ms. Ardern will take six weeks of leave before returning to work. She announced her pregnancy three months after a surprise election victory, and the news prompted an international reckoning about the rarity of pregnant women in the corridors of power.

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  1. NEW YORK — Cynics who view pricey abstract art and scoff “a kid probably painted that” are finally right.
  2. At just 12 years old, Xeo Chu is setting sales records with his colourful, abstract paintings, which are selling for more than US$150,000 and are being compared to works by reknown American artist Jackson Pollock.
  3. Now the seventh grade student from Vietnam is hosting his first solo exhibition, at the George Berges Gallery in Manhattan’s upscale SoHo neighbourhood. The exhibition titled Big World, Little Eyes, which opened on Thursday and runs through Jan. 2, comes years after the artist who started painting at age four made his first sale.

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